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The Iroquois Falls Cross-Country Ski Club Trails feature four scenic one-way ski trails, totalling 25 km, and one 5 km snowshoe trail. Each trail has its own colour, symbol and number. You can also create your own trail by using the cut-offs, intersections and jump overs…….

#1 Green Circle: Promenade Trail 

Beginner trail has one hill and 4 km of Classic & Skate

Last Groomed:      November 22

Last Update:           November 22

Classic Condition : Satisfactory

Skate Condition:  Satisfactory

#2 Blue Diamond: Jackpine Trail

Intermediate trail has 3 hills and 6 km of Classic and Skate

Last Groomed:       NA

Last Update:        November 22

Classic Condition : Closed

Skate Condition: Closed

#3 Red Triangle: Nordic Trail

Expert level trail. 24 challenging hills, 10 km of Classic and Skate

Last Groomed: 

Last Update:  NA

Classic Condition: Closed




#4 Yellow Square: Jack & Joe Doggie Trail

Easy trail is classic only (no skate skiing) and has 5 km of tame surface

Last Groomed:      Nov 22, 2017

Last Update:   Nov 22

Condition: Good – mostly groomed



#5 Orange: Snowshoe Trail

Easy trail is 5 km long and can be used in either direction. Dogs allowed but snowshoes only.

modernsnowshoesLast Groomed:                





Trails & Map

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