Safety Tips

safety-tipsSafety tips are important! The Iroquois Falls Cross Country Ski trails are built and maintained by volunteers and are not patrolled. For safety reasons, you must take snow conditions, weather and ability into account at all times.

Iroquois Falls Cross Country Ski Club is not responsible  for any accidents or injuries. 

Skijoring can be done on our doggie trail (trail #4) but please understand the risk – not only to yourself but to other skiers that you meet along the way…

All trails are one way. Please don’t go against the traffic. Also, several of the hills could be dangerous if descended in the reverse direction. If you must go backwards for an emergency or a shortcut, be very careful and yield the way to oncoming skiers.

You may be interested in Safety Tips & Techniques:

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To warm up along the way, we have a warm-up hut near Walker Lakes in addition to the ski chalet which is always toasty warm on weekends thanks to Allan and the volunteers.


sunscreensunglasses# 1- What to Bring Skiing

Basic skiing equipment, warm mittens, water, a snack, a cell phone, band aids, lip gloss, sunscreen, sunglasses, a whistle…


For a wider variety of things you could bring, see It includes essentials for safety, survival and basic comfort.


#2- What to Wear Skiingblue_mittens_clothing_icon_id_5011

What should you wear to go skiing? Well, it depends on the weather. How cold is it going to be during your ski session?   Check out the great information from  REI.

You will also find great ideas at:

Click on the Infographs below from



 #3- How to Guide Cross Country Skiing Click here

#4- Waxing Cross Country Skis for BeginnersClick Here

 #5- Winter UV Protection Safety Tips

Even if it’s winter, you still need to protect the exposed parts of your body with sunscreen. The glare of the sun off the snow in addition to the sun shining down upon you as you ski can cause you to burn. Although the UV rays are not as strong during the winter, you still need protection from the elements.


Safety Tips

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