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Welcome to the Iroquois Falls Cross Country Ski Club

We are pleased that you have found us. Welcome to the Iroquois Falls Cross Country Ski Club website in honor of our 40 years of operation. Through our Website and our 40Facebook Page we finally have a way to keep current on our events and activities. Be sure to watch the Video Tour.

If you are new to the area and looking for a Ski Club close to Iroquois Falls, Matheson, Porquis, Val Gagné, Ramore, Cochrane or Nellie Lake, look no further! Learn all About Us  & Contact Us  & Get Directions  here. These pages are historical and very informative. To get information and maps about our trails, just go here: Trails and Maps.




Be sure to check out  Fees where you can find information for Membership, Day Use, Gift Certificates, Ski Waxing. If you wish to rent XC skis, poles, boots or snowshoes, or use a free sleigh for a little one, click here Equipment Rental.


Our Photo Gallery features nostalgic pictures along with photos from our trails. Lots of fun to browse through if you like looking at pictures! Our chalet is featured on this page and even features our Canteen.



Our Events & Activities page is another great way to get to know us better and learn how you can support and encourage the club to continue to grow as it has for the past 40 years.

If you want to brush up and learn Skiing Safety Tips, this page has features such as a checklist on what to bring skiing, what to wear during skiing and how to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while skiing.



soupIf you want to Volunteer, consider these options… You can make us your best homemade soup or chili – for sale during the winter months.



A special fundraiser we host is the Artistic Trail Signs The signs are made to your specifications. They linda.jpgare displayed on the trails in various locations during the winter months to add enjoyment to the trail system.



Check out our Hours of Operation to see your options on getting some fresh air and exercising at our Iroquois Falls Cross Country Ski Club. We are looking forward to seeing you on the trails!

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Talk to us about our Free Ski Clinics.

We can teach you the basics of Classic or Skate Skiing. Enjoy skiing for years to come!

Everyone is welcome…


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History of our XC Ski Club